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Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Cold Water Non-electrical  Nozzle Self-cleaning Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Toilet Bidet with Adjustable Water Pressure and Brass T-adapter and Stainless Steel Hose.


Our Cold Water Bidet is easy to install and has an ultra-thin design. It has the functions of nozzle self-cleaning, adjustable nozzle angle, and water pressure control. It is equipped with a single nozzle spray and a Backflow prevention device. Owning this bidet toilet seat attachment can turn your toilet into a bidet and provide more hygienic protection.


  • Water Pressure Control Knob: By turning the knob to select the mode and water pressure, you can select the nozzle self-cleaning and adjust the water pressure. The water pressure strength is 0.05 MPa~0.8 MPa. The larger the rotation angle, the larger the water pressure, When rotated to 90 degrees, the water pressure is at its maximum. The way to turn off the water is to switch the knob to OFF.


  • Adjustable Nozzle Angle: Adjust the nozzle angle right for you. Our bidet toilet seat attachment adjusts the angle of the nozzle to meet the needs of different groups of people such as ladies, the overweight, pregnant, and the aged.


  • Single Nozzle Spray: Single nozzle spray. The angle can be adjusted to find the perfect angle for your hole position.


  • Extra Seat Bumpers: To make your toilet more compatible with bidet toilet seat attachments, we are equipped with four seat bumpers for your convenience.


  • Easy to Install: The bidet toilet attachment fits most standard 2-piece toilets, Equipped with installation instructions, a Brass T-adapter, and a Stainless Steel Hose. Follow the installation instructions to assemble, it can be easily installed without a plumber, Get your bidet up and running in minutes.


Step 1: Remove your toilet seat.
Step 2: Assemble the accessories, and connect the water supply to the bidet.
Step 3: Reattach the seat and check for leaks.
Step 4: Clean booty time, enjoy your bidet.

OtterMax BZ2301 Non-Electric Easy Bidet Toilet Attachment Kit With Bamboo Knob

  • Material


  • Voltage


  • Angle of Nozzle


  • Weight


  • Marke

    USA, Canada, Europe... ...

  • Water Temperature for Self-cleaning

    Cold Water

  • Water Pressure

    0.05 MPa ~ 0.8 MPa

  • Item Size


  • Distance Between Holes Axis

    130 ~ 198 mm

  • Package Included

    1 x Bidet Attachment

    1 x Braided Metal Hose

    1 x Brass T-Adapter

    1 x Rubber Washer

    1 x Bidet Attachment

    1 x Installation Instructions

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