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ETW2300 Series


Ottermax-ETW2300 Series

Make Cleaning Easier

  • The product complies with EN1717 EN13077

  • Wall-hung type for better cleaning

  • Washdown WC FlashClean (rimless) flushing system

  • Hidden fastening fixing set included

  • Soft-closing heating seat with temperature adjustment and the seat cover with an easy-off function

  • Rear wash

  • Front wash

  • Automatic self-cleaning of the nozzle

  • Hydromassage function with oscillating nozzle (rear wash and front wash)

  • Water flow adjustment and nozzle position adjustment (rear wash and front wash)

  • Descaling function

  • Warm air drying

  • Air deodorization

  • LED night light

  • Antibacterial material

  • Remote controller included

  • Antibacterial material of the nozzle

  • Electrical connection required

  • Controlled by iOS or Android application by Bluetooth (Optional)

OtterMax Dusch Wc Deutschland


We Deliver The Most Professional Products and Services Around the World

OtterMax Dusch Wc Assembly Line


A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

OtterMax is one of the top shower toilet and bidet toilet OEM & ODM manufacturers in China, we have shower toilet and shower toilet seats specifically designed for Europe which has CE, CB, EN1717, DVGW and WRAS certificates, also bidet toilet and bidet toilet seats specifically designed for North America which have CETL certificate for both electric and water.

OtterMax Dusch Wc Mit Sitzheizung

Ottermax In Numbers

10 Years+

R&D Production Experience


Production Lines





What We Can Supply

With an understanding of EN1717/ EN13077/ EN13079 standards and experience in DVGW, WRAS, CE, RoHS, and REACH, we can design shower seats or shower toilets according to your thoughts and requirements.


  • CE

  • CB

  • EN1717

  • EN13077

  • EN997

  • DVGW

  • WRAS

For Importers & Distributors

OtterMax-Japanese Smart Toilet

We Can Supply Full Sets With Ceramic Toilet

For Ceramic Facotries

OtterMax-Electric Smart Bidet Toilet

We Can Supply Just Upper Part Of The Bidet

For ceramic and cover factories
OtterMax-Dusch Wc Ohne Spülrand

We Can Supply Only The Electric Part

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